How Can I Help With My Divorce Case?

Check with your lawyer before doing anything you think might be helpful in the case to ensure that your actions will be useful and done in a way that is really productive. Ask what you can do throughout the case to keep fees low and speed the case along. As a general rule, collecting, organizing, and indexing recent financial records is helpful. Keeping a log of your expenses and expenditures with back-up receipts or statements will assist your lawyer in preparing key documents like your Financial Declaration. Likewise, keeping a custody and parent-time calendar or log when each parent is responsible for the children or attends their activities or events is helpful.

Providing documents and information in a timely manner will help keep costs down and help advance your case. If your lawyer has to remind you several times or has to get documents from another source, it will cost more time and money.

You should provide your lawyer with relevant information in a timely manner, but it is a good idea to use friends, relatives, or your therapist when you just need to vent your feelings.

-Samuel J. Sorensen

* Some content from ABA Family Advocate